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Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

Altar Servers play a very important role at Mass – they have the privilege of serving Christ through the priest at the altar. Therefore all altar servers and their parents are required to take this important work of the Church with serious dedication and respect. New servers will be trained no more than twice during the year and dates will be posted in the bulletin. Many servers may be asked to serve high solemn Masses such as Christmas and Easter, and during the Easter Tridium, as well as other major solemnities in addition to Sundays; additionally servers may be asked to help at wedding Masses and funeral Masses; cooperation in scheduling is needed and appreciated. Altar servers may begin in 5th grade and are highly encouraged to continue through high school and beyond. Read more >>

Servers Schedule

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Eucharistic Ministers administer the Blessed Sacrament of Holy Communion. These ministers are commissioned through the Archdiocese of Indianapolis by the Archbishop. This ministry is in need of additional volunteers who illustrate a strong spiritual relationship with God and desire to serve in this way. We are in need of Eucharistic Ministers during Masses as well as to administer the Sacrament to parishioners that are homebound or in a nursing home. Time commitments vary from a few hours weekly to once or twice a month.  If you are interested in being a part of this ministry contact Roberta Hannon at 317-787-1730.

Extraordinary Schedule

Gift Bearers

Presenting the gifts is a great way for families of all ages to be a special part of the Mass. Holy Name invites all parishioners who are interested in bringing up the gifts to let one of the ushers know of your interest before Mass begins. The ushers will let you know if the opportunity is available. Three or more people are needed per Mass.


Members of this ministry proclaim the Word of God to the Holy Name community. Lectors assist the priest during Mass by reading the first reading, second reading, and the intercessions. Lectors should be able to read with a strong, clear voice in front of a large group; and they typically read at one Mass per month. Please contact Maryjo Buckel at 317-701-2666.

Lector Schedule

Liturgy Committee

This committee serves the parish by coordinating different ministries that enhance the Mass and involve lay ministers such as Eucharistic Ministers for Mass and the homebound, Ushers/Hospitality, Lectors, Gift Bearers, and Servers.


Sacristans provide assistance to the priest in preparation for Mass, funerals, weddings, and special events. It is a special privilege to support our priest in this ministry. The ministry is in need of a few volunteers willing to assist in these preparations. Please contact Kathy Schaad at 317-459-1080 or the parish office if you are interested in being a part of this ministry.


This ministry works in groups of four, assisting at Mass by seating people, taking up collections, and distributing bulletins. Ushering is an important ministry and a great way to meet other parishioners and to be a part of the Eucharistic celebration. Additional volunteers are welcome for this ministry. Please contact Bob Raymond at 317-783-5611 if you are interested in being a part of this ministry.

Usher Schedule