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Legacy of Giving

Please mark your calendars for our 2017 Legacy of Giving Dinner Thursday, June 8


Frequently Asked Questions About the Holy Name of Jesus Legacy Annual Fund


Q:  Why is the Holy Name Legacy Annual Fund so important?

A:  The Holy Name Legacy Annual Fund, represents the most critical dollars for the parish’s financial Health.  It provides unrestricted support so that the parish can put these dollars where they are most needed.

In keeping with our commitment to the vision of Holy Name parish, Our school charges a tuition less than the true cost of education to all students.  This results in a deficit, which is made up through gifts to the Annual Fund and other fundraising efforts.

Annual giving helps fund essentials within the entire parish operating budget.  These unrestricted gifts are applied wherever the need is greatest, and they are essential to the parish and school’s continued mission and financial strength

Q:  Doesn’t tuition cover those expenses for the school?

A:  Tuition provides about 78% of the school’s operating  budget.  Holy Name Parish helps to make up the difference  with a $120,000 annual subsidy investment in the school.  Holy Name relies on annual unrestricted giving to cover the remaining gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each student, which in this year’s operating budget is about $.  Tuition increases are inevitable, but can be controlled through the budget-relieving support that the Annual Fund provides.

Q:  Why not just raise the tuition?

A:  If tuition were raised to the actual cost of education, this approach would place too large of a burden on parents, and would make it impossible  for many of our children to have the opportunity to receive an education at Holy Name.

Q:  Is there a tax advantage if I make a gift?

A:  All contribuitions are fully tax deductible as charitable gifts to the extent provided by law.

Q:  Do faculty and staff members give?

A:  For the past two years 100% of the faculty and staff, many of who are not parishioners of Holy Name of Jesus, have pledged to the Legacy of Giving Annual Fund.  A tradition they hope to keep in the years to come.

Q:  How much should I give?

A:  Through the Legacy Annual Fund it is our hope that our parish and school families will adopt an annual giving habit above and beyond their weekly tithe.  As stewards we receive God’s gifts gratefully, and we are asked to tend to them in a responsible manner, share them in practice and love with others, and return them with increase to our Lord.

Q:  If I can only make small gifts, does it really make an impact on Holy Name of Jesus?

A:  Absolutely! Your gift, combined with those from others provides substantial support for the ongoing needs of the parish and school.  Every gift is an expression of support for Holy Name Parish and every gift matters.

Q:  Why does my participation matter?

A:  Your gift is a demonstration of your commitment to the parish and school and a sign of Holy Name’s strength of community.  We have a goal of 100% participation.

Q:  What period of time does the Annual Fund cover?

A:  The Legacy Annual Fund runs from June, 2016 through May 18th, 2017.  The funds are applied to the current year’s operation budget, which runs from July 1 through June 30.

Q:  If I make a pledge now, when do I have to pay?

A:  We ask that pledges be turned in by May 20, 2016 and fulfilled by May 15, 2017.  It is helpful to Holy Name of Jesus if you make your commitment early.

Q:  How do I pay my pledge?

A:  Payments may be made if full via check, a monthly gift from June 2016 – May 2017 through Faith Direct or a one-time total gift through Faith Direct.  The preferred method, because it is the most cost effective for the parish and school, is by check.  As an option, the school can process your credit card payment from MasterCard or VISA.  You will need to provide  your credit card information on your pledge card for this option. All contributions are fully tax deductible as charitable gifts to the extend provided by law.

Q:  What is The Monsignor Killian Legacy Society 

A:  We have established a Legacy Wall in the Narthex which will honor parishioners that leave legacy gifts to Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church.  It is our hope that this wall will grow as future generations experience the beauty and love of our parish.  Engraved names of those leaving legacy gifts to Holy Name will be perpetually displayed so that we may remember them, honor their commitment to Holy Name and pray for them.

There are two ways for a benefactor’s name to be placed on the Legacy Wall:

  • Leaving a legacy gift to Holy Name in your will
  • A one-time gift to Holy Name in the amount of $5,000 or more

Q: Can I make a Legacy of Giving Annual Fund gift in honor or memory of a loved one?

A: Yes.  Charitable contributions are a kind and caring way to express your thanks or admiration for a special person.

Q:  What are Matching Gifts?

A:  Many companies will match your gift to Holy Name School up to a certain level – some as high as triple matches!  Matching Gift contributions also count toward your own giving level to Holy Name of Jesus Cathoic School.  Please check with your employer’s human resources office for details  on their Matching Gift program and matching gift forms.