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Catholic Religion

Catholic Religion is of the utmost importance since the primary purpose of our school is spiritual and religious in its outlook and orientation. Religion is taught daily and is assessed in the forms of “product” and “performance.” In addition to understanding the history and teachings of our Catholic faith, we expect students to demonstrate their knowledge by applying their faith in daily living. The faculty and staff at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School model strong Catholic values and nurture empathy, peace, and love among students through daily interactions.

Core Curricular Areas

Emphasis is placed on the proper development and mastery of reading skills, process writing, grammar skills and creative expression, mathematical skills, problem solving, scientific concepts, and social studies skills. The Archdiocese has specific religion standards that are addressed at each grade level, and the Department of Education, in conjunction with the Archdiocese, has specific academic standards in all other content areas. These standards, known as the Indiana Academic Standards, serve as the foundation of all instruction at Holy Name School.

Of course, we pride ourselves at HNS on the depth and breadth with which our students understand and apply what they learn. Our rigorous standards are reflected in the yearly growth demonstrated by our students on Acuity assessments and through classroom performance. While we are pleased with the growth of our students, all teachers participate regularly in professional development and find ways to further challenge and support learners as we reach for further success.

Allied Arts

All students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 participate in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, and Technology weekly.

The teachers in each of these curricular areas collaborate weekly to find ways to incorporate problem solving, reading comprehension, process writing, and Catholic identity into their curriculum. From journal writing after Colts Fitness Day in Physical Education to book creations for younger students in Technology, teachers make the content meaningful and relevant.