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Ways to Support HNCS

Holy Name Catholic School has been a dynamic presence on the southside of Indianapolis since 1922.  It continues to serve students and their families with great pride and joy.  However, HNCS relies heavily upon the time, talents and resources of our parish community as well as grants and business partnerships to continue to prosper.

How might YOU be able to show your support?

1.   Share your time! Just as our mission at HNCS is to develop lifelong learners who are committed to knowing, loving, and serving God, you can also come to better know, love, and serve our Lord by donating some of your time to the betterment of our school and school families.  Please check out the tab entitled ”Ways to Volunteer” to learn more!

2.  Share your talents! We are able to keep overall costs down if we have committed partners who can provide services such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, groundskeeping, technological support, and more!

3.  Share your resources! Our vision is to create a “21st Century learning environment” that “will bring God’s world to our children and empower our children to serve and lead the world!”  We rely upon financial contributions that support the enhancement and refresh of technology, professional development, and additional resources that directly benefit the spiritual, academic, social, and emotional growth of our children.

While we are most grateful for all assistance, please ask your employer about the possibility of matching gifts – a doubled contribution means doubled benefits!

Please contact Mr. Robert Kitchens, Principal, at 784-9078 to learn more!